August 30, 2013


From: Josh Ozersky

To: Meatopians

Subject: Meatopia NYC


I’ve been asked a lot – you may even have asked  me yourself – if I was planning on doing Meatopia this year. I am; but it won’t be the giant outdoor event you saw last year and will see, on an even more dramatic scale, in 2014.  This is the ninth year of Meatopia and I have, by the most strenuous efforts, created giant Meatopia events in London and Texas. But Meatopia was born in New York and New York will always be its soul. Next year our tenth year anniversary, and plans are in the works to do the biggest and most ambitious Meatopia yet, proof even against drought, veganism, and tornadoes.


But a year without Meatopia is like a year without meat. So this year I am extremely proud to be partnering with Hudson New York  and their crack culinary team to create a smaller, equally meaty Meatopia that everyone can enjoy, in partnership with Hudson’s Football @ Hudson Common weekend on September 21 and 22. There will be a (comparatively) intimate two-day ticketed Whole Animal Lounge outside at Hudson Common’s luxurious patio, featuring bison, beef, and pork stations, as well as a dedicated a la carte menu in Hudson Common consisting of classic Meatopia dishes. No ticket is required for these, but any serious meat-eater should plan on eating in both areas.


This event is going to be swanky, posh, and easy to, not to mention affordable. Details and tickets will come next week, and you should book sooner rather than later, as the animal section will be limited to a few hundred tickets each day.


Thanks for caring about Meatopia, thanks for coming to Meatopia, and be ready for a truly titanic event next year.


Josh Ozersky
Director of Meat Operations