I don’t understand. Meatopia is part of the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE?

Meatopia and the Festival have partnered to put on a giant, blowout event for Meatopia’s tenth anniversary. Meatopia X: The Carnivore’s Ball will be the New York Wine and Food Festival’s big Sunday event, held outdoors on the river on Pier 92. Michael Symon, one of the best meat chefs in this or any other country, is hosting it. I am beside myself with glee to have the chance to do Meatopia on this scale and with such a class organization.

So are you still doing it? Or is a Festival event like Burger Bash®? Do you even have anything to do with it?

I have everything to do with it! I founded Meatopia and there will never be a Meatopia event of which I am not the sweaty, ravenous soul. Just as with every other iteration of Meatopia, the chefs are invited by me, the menu is curated by me, the animals are vouched for by me, and the general look and feel of the event is the same as everybody has come to expect from previous years.

Where do I buy a ticket? 


I am a vegan. But I would still like to come. Will there be any vegetarian options at your event?


 Who will be the musical acts? Where can I find the menu? Will the whole steer be there?

We are holding back on announcing the musical acts; Iron Maiden wants to do their own announcement. Just kidding. We have some amazing music lined up. Likewise with the menu. I think this is, all things considered, the most perfectly curated chef roster yet, and the menu will blow you away. Which is why we are delaying its release as well.

I have more questions. But they are of a private and specific nature and I don’t want to ask them here.

No problem. Write us at [email protected]. We have operators standing by.